Learn more about LBNF/DUNE at Neutrino Day, July 9

Meet people from the LBNF/DUNE project at this year’s Neutrino Day event, hosted by Sanford Lab on Saturday, July 9. Members of the LBNF/DUNE team and its contractors will answer your questions about neutrino research and the on-going excavation of the large caverns of the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility; LBNF will house the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, hosted by Fermilab.

Members of the LBNF/DUNE team will provide information in the SURF Education and Outreach Building. The outdoor exhibition area at SURF will have on display heavy equipment used for underground excavation. Start at the Visitor Center and catch a school bus shuttle to this location. In the afternoon, scientist Claire David will give a presentation titled “DUNE: Piercing the secrets of neutrinos and the universe” at the Homestake Opera House, at 2 p.m. MT. For more information about the event and all its activities, visit this webpage.