International partnerships

Science on the scale of DUNE is a global endeavor. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermilab is the host laboratory DUNE, in partnership with funding agencies and scientists from around the world. DUNE will be the first truly international megascience experiment hosted on U.S. soil, Fermilab’s LBNF has received major international contributions, and the PIP-II accelerator that powers the neutrino beam is the first accelerator U.S. accelerator project that will have significant contributions from international partners.

More than 35 countries from across the globe are partnering with Fermilab and the DUNE collaboration to build LBNF, DUNE and PIP-II. CERN’s commitment to LBNF and DUNE represents its first investment in infrastructure outside of Europe. More than 1,400 scientists and engineers from over 200 research institutions are collaborating on DUNE.

Moreover, hundreds of students from all corners of the earth will start their careers in science, engineering and computing on this project. With two prototype detectors operating at CERN, construction work for LBNF under way at Fermilab and in South Dakota, and components being built around the world, DUNE is blazing the trail for international science projects in the United States and in partnering countries across the globe.